Lessons from a Tree


After getting this poetic download from Tree, I took this lesson

into Ceremony and

embodied this lesson

through Ecstatic Dance.

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Soul Purpose

What does that even mean?

Do all things have a soul?

What is soul?

What is purpose?

and how does it evolve over time?

Gazing at this brilliant tree

I wonder how and if it is living it's purpose.

Does the whole tree have a singular mission?

or is the purpose of the bark and leaves different?

Is its basic purpose to live?

to absorb nutrients and expel them?

or is it to be of service

by creating oxygen, food, and shelter for others?

Does one purpose

override other motives?

Is it possible to not live our purpose?

or is living an unfulfilled and uncompleted life

part of our purpose as well

as a beacon to others -

to support them in living their purpose

by learning from our failures?

I do not know the answers

to any of these questions

however this is what

I learn from Tree:

Absorb the nutrients of life

and of the World.

Breathe, receive the inhale.

Absorb love, kindness, grace, and friendship.

Soak in the beauty of Nature

within and without.

Let these nutrients move

through the sap of my being

so my life can be as juicy as possible.

Release Wastes;

Release toxic thoughts, stagnant ways of being.

Release belongings, relationships, and patterns

that no longer add vibrancy to my world.

The World.

Release Toxins and Absorb Nutrients; 

repeat this process

in a way that enriches

my life

and the life of others.

May the extensions of my living

bring shelter to others,

shade from harsh elements of life,

and a cozy place to reflect

on the meaning of Soul Purpose.

Flower. Bloom.

Engage Presence.

Stand in the expression

of your fullest being

through all seasons.